Art at Ballard is renowned for its diversity, talent, quality and above all achievement. Our vibrant department covers a wide range of activities: from mixed-media, 3D, ceramics, silk painting, Batik, painting and drawing.

Teaching Staff

Jan Dunn

Head of Art

We are proud of our record where the majority of our GCSE art students go on to study art in one form or another, be it at A Level or straight on to Art College.

The Staff in the department are highly trained experts in their own field with the flexibility to teach across all disciplines. This allows us to offer a range of art media to suit all interests and levels of ability, where pupils can engage in great learning.

We are totally committed to the arts and offer all our pupils opportunities to explore their creative side. Pupils produce exceptional work and find their studies enjoyable, stimulating and very rewarding. Our results speak for themselves. Around 50% of our students gain A or A* grades each year and normally we have 100% success with grades A to C at GCSE level.

Art at Ballard also focuses on extending the pupil capability by learning about artistic methods and then developing them, as well as by critically discussing art and learning to use the appropriate vocabulary. Pupils are given the opportunity to explore and communicate their own ideas, their likes and dislikes, expanding their creativity, stimulating their imaginations and thus help them develop as a human being.  Visiting artists, art workshops and vista to Galleries at home and abroad give our pupils the opportunity to discuss and develop opinions of art movements and different genres.  We want well rounded young men and women leaving the art department.