Contacting Staff

All teaching staff can be contacted by email using first

Parents can access all teaching staff names from a list held on the Parents Portal.


If you have a concern, we would encourage you to contact us promptly so we can investigate this for you. The Headmaster is often to be found in the car park or around the school  but he is likely to refer the matter to the appropriate member of staff who may already be aware of the problem.

If your child has a problem, they are encouraged to speak to their form teacher or a prefect.
If parents wish to escalate concerns they should follow the prescribed route:

Nursery to Pre-Prep  Class teacher >> Mrs Edwards or Mrs Hunt

Lower Prep (Years 3 to 5)  Class teacher >> Mr Ridley or Mr Winch

Upper Prep (Years 6 to 8) Form teacher >> Subject teacher >> Mr Blake >> Mr Dunn

Senior (Years 9 to 11)  Form teacher >> Subject teacher >> Mrs Bellars >> Mr Dunn