Dance at Ballard

Dance is enjoyed by a full range of pupils at Ballard from Kindergarten to the senior school where the GCSE in Dance is offered. We provide high quality dance lessons that cover the four main strands of Dance within the curriculum P.E lessons.  We not only engage pupils as performers but develop them as choreographers and dancers that can analyse their work.

Teaching Staff

Sharon Ladbury

Head of Dance

‘Their cultural development is greatly enhanced by the emphasis on the creative arts in the school; from an early stage, they are surrounded by examples of literature, art, dance, drama and music from around the world.’

As this excerpt from the recent ISI inspection report clearly demonstrates, Dance has a fundamental role within the life of Ballard.

The report also states:

‘Pupils are well motivated by the wealth of opportunities they are offered to achieve both within the curriculum and in extracurricular activities, particularly in the creative and performing arts.’

Performance - Acquiring and Developing Skills

Composition - Selecting and Applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas

Fitness - Knowledge and understanding of fitness & health

Appreciation - Evaluating and improving performance

Dance is also a strand within Expressive Arts for Year 3-5 pupils within the curriculum, providing a further opportunity for pupils across the key stage to broaden their skills and understanding of dance and how this is interwoven within the course of expressive arts that include, Art, Drama and Music.

The school has a dedicated dance studio which is equipped with full length mirrors, ballet barres and the provision of IT to facilitate teaching & learning. All Dance lessons and after school Dance activities take place in this spacious wooden floor panelled studio. We have made a link with an outside Dance company who offer a range of dance styles in addition to curriculum Dance.


Dance Activities and Clubs

In addition to dance in the curriculum, pupils can enjoy being a member of a number of different dance clubs that are open to all with an emphasis on fun and participation. Pupils are split into different age ranges and are given the opportunity to learn and create pieces of dance, with opportunities to perform annually in either the Variety show or Dance Production. A number of different Dance activities are offered across the age range at Ballard.

Activities vary from term to term to include the following:

Monday – VISIONS Dance Company

Tuesday Lunchtime - Boys Dance Year 6-11

Tuesday Year 3-5 Dance

Thursday Break time -Year 1-2 Dance

Thursday Lunchtime - Year 6 – 11 Mixed Dance

Classical Ballet, Ballet repertoire and choreography as well as tap are also offered and taught by experienced professionals.


Visions Dance Company

The School Dance Company,  VISIONS, is a gifted and talented programme for the most able dancers in Years 6-11, who meet weekly for intense dance tuition and given an opportunity to develop their dance vocabulary, technique and choreography skills. Visions are offered a number of Dance performing opportunities throughout the year which also includes visiting Feeder Primary schools within the wider community. Pupils perform and actively support the dance workshop that is delivered to the primary school pupils, providing an opportunity to share their skills with others.


Professional Dance Workshops and
Dance Theatre Visits

We aim to provide an opportunity for pupils to see a variety of live professional dance work and to be offered the opportunity to participate in a professional dance company workshop.

Recent opportunities include:


BalletBoyz: The Talent

Following the theatre trip two dancers from the company, Anthony & Luke came in to school to lead a fantastic workshop with 19 pupils participating. The contemporary dance workshop was a wonderful opportunity for pupils, which was targeted at encouraging boys in dance.


The Nutcracker; English National Ballet

Year 3-5 Pupils studied the Nutcracker as part of their Expressive Arts course. They participated in a workshop with a Dance Artist & Musician from the Learning Department at The English National Ballet. Pupils took part in a fun and creative warm up focussing on key technical skills required for Ballet. They  also learnt  about the story of The Nutcracker and explored the themes, characters and central movement motifs in creative work, using sequences they learnt and adapting them to develop their own movement phrases.