What does Ballard offer your child?

Ballard School sets out to provide an all round education with a strong emphasis on academic success.  We asked both staff and children to describe the outcomes that are anticipated and worked towards by the end of Year 11. The version from the children (via their Student Council who have an elected representative from each form) agrees the areas of outcome but they came up with their own wording – which the school enthusiastically endorse.

The staff version of the ‘student outcomes’

A Ballard pupil should develop and increasingly demonstrate…

  • Trustworthiness, accountability, personal integrity and self-discipline resulting in well-mannered behaviour, respect for others and positive work habits.
  • The motivation and self-discipline to reach his/her full potential in all areas of life and the ability to celebrate appropriately their own success and that of others.
  • A strong sense of self-worth arising from a healthy experience of being accepted and loved, able to make positive and inclusive friendships and being tolerant of people’s differences.
  • A caring, loyal and inclusive attitude towards others with a willingness to serve through leadership or being a valued member of a team or community.
  • The ability to think critically and independently, to question and to communicate coherently, orally, in writing and using IT skills.
  • An understanding of the Christian faith whilst being respectful of those of other faiths or of none.
  • A sensitive, informed and responsible approach to the use of our environment, facilities and resources in school, in our communities and in the world at large.
  • The ability to live in a complex world making informed independent choices towards a balanced, healthy life style and developing the social skills to be a good citizen.
  • A willingness to embrace a sense of adventure, to have fun in a positive way so as to bring joy and fulfilment to others, and the ability to learn from setbacks, success and failure.

The pupil version of the ‘student outcomes’

A Ballard pupil should develop and increasingly demonstrate…

  • Respect and kindness to all. Responsibility for own actions.
  • The ability to “set the bar high” and reach goals by trying their best.
  • The ability to understand people and make friendships. The ability to feel good about yourself.
  • Teamwork. Good leadership skills.
  • The ability to think well for oneself and make a good argument in a variety of ways.
  • Understanding and respect for Christianity and different religions.
  • Respect for all environments and an understanding of “green” issues.
  • The ability to cope with modern life, staying healthy and being a good citizen.
  • The ability to try different things and enjoy the challenge. To keep going even if they fail.