List of Governors and their relevant committees/responsibilities

Mr. Peter Goodfellow (Chairman, F & GP, Ed Com)

Mrs. Ann Trask (Chair of F and GP, Ed Com,)

Mrs. Wendy Roberts (Chair of Ed Com, F & GP, Attendance, Pre-Prep,)

Mrs. Merrielle Billington (Ed Com, PSHE/SMSC, Safeguarding & safer recruiting)

Mr. Chris Kean (F & GP, Risk Management)

Dr. Emma Halliwell (F & GP, Medical)

Mrs. Anne Watson-Lee (F & GP, Marketing,)

Mrs. Jane Tudor (Ed Com, IT)

Rev. Martin Poole (F & GP, Religious Education)

Mrs Fiona Morgan (Ed Com, Accessibility, Safeguarding & safer recruiting, DEL, G & T)

Mr Andrew Stembridge (F & GP, ECO)

Mrs Sue Rogers (Ed Com)


Key: F & GP = Finance and General Purposes Committee

Ed Com = Education Committee

Ballard School is a registered charity (no. 307328)
and its registered office is:

Ballard School,
Fernhill Lane
New Milton
BH25 5SU
Tel: 01425 626900

The Chairman of the Governors is Mr Peter Goodfellow and he can be contacted through the registered address of the school.