ICT and Computing

ICT and Computing are exciting and continually evolving areas, and we enjoy using the latest technology and software to expand our skills and creative learning.  In the ICT department we aim to expose students to a wide experience of using computers, supporting their use across the curriculum, as well as an understanding of how computers work and how ICT is used in the wider world and the associated social impact and dangers. At all times the students are encouraged to develop good practice such as keeping their document folders organised, using Headers etc as well as learning to plan, problem solve and to learn to critically evaluate their own work as well as that of their peers.

Teaching Staff

James Blake

Head of Department

I believe that ICT can be used to enhance student learning across the age range and in all areas of the curriculum. Using ICT does not only give the students the key skills which they need, but also allows them to develop their independence as learners, their problem solving skills, teamwork, and with accessibility to all kinds of multimedia they can develop their creativity.

Years 3 - 5

At this level the students develop their confidence in using computers including basic word processing and spreadsheet skills. Along with this they enjoy improving their typing speed, learning about email, and using a variety of other software for control, graphics, animation and simple coding.

Years 6 - 8

The students through this stage are particularly encouraged to develop their independent learning. They develop their problem solving skills, and have to think about what hardware and software solutions are suitable in different scenarios. They are also encouraged to reflect on their work, and critically assess both their own work and that of their peers. Programming skills are also developed in a variety of ways.

Years 9 - 11

The senior pupils work either towards a Functional Skills certificate or GCSE in either ICT or Computing. The skills course enables students to gain a recognised certificate of competence, along with generally keeping their ICT skills up to date to support plan studies across the c. Those who choose to take the GCSE have the opportunity to work on some more in depth projects, including multimedia or programming,  as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the use of ICT in society.