Mathematics is the most widely used subject in the world. Every career uses it in some shape or form. More importantly, practising Mathematics helps the mind to reason and organise complicated situations or problems into clear, simple, and logical steps. In a society such as ours, jobs often demand someone who can take complicated situations and simplify them to a level that everyone can understand.

Teaching Staff

Will Shaylor

Head of Mathematics

Mathematics is important for your daily life, no matter what you want to do. It's true not everything you learn will be needed later but you never know what you'll want to do, and the more you know and have to build on the better off you'll be. Try to look at Mathematics as a game where you start with a few simple rules and see what more complicated rules you can come up with using those simple tools. This will make learning much more enjoyable and less of a chore of memorisation.

Years 3 - 5

We view the Mathematics syllabus in terms of a helical model. Topics are introduced at a simple level and are revisited at intervals always building in and extending previous knowledge. Year by year our pupils’ grasp of the subject is both reinforced and enlarged. While the more able pupil is constantly stimulated by more challenging examples the weaker pupil benefits from regular reinforcement and is enabled to develop confidence through success.

Years 6 - 8

Our teachers follow schemes of work designed by the world renowned Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching. These resources have been developed with the primary aim of raising the standards of Mathematics teaching and learning in the UK and have many strengths including fantastic worksheet, text book and interactive web based resources. Pupils will also be encouraged to take part in the prestigious UK Maths Challenge provided by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust.

Years 9 - 11

Senior students at Ballard School will be given the opportunity to follow GCSE Statistics (from Y11) as well as the IGCSE Mathematics (Edexcel) which the students now sit in the January of Y11.  Our more able pupils are encouraged to diversify and add to their armoury of statistical skills for use in other subject areas such as Business, IT and the Sciences (as well as gaining an extra GCSE qualification) while less able pupils are given more time to focus on their core Maths skills. Our senior pupils will also be able to take part in the UKMT Maths Challenge and any exceptional students are invited to study Additional Mathematics GCSE (OCR) which leads into Maths and Further Maths A-Level.