Pastoral Care

At Ballard we take looking after the whole child very seriously as we believe that a happy, settled child learns enthusiastically and successfully. Young people face many pressures at different stages of their lives and the Ballard family approach means that this area is given a high priority. The pastoral team meet weekly to discuss concerns and deal with issues. Each form tutor is actively involved in the process because they are spending time with children on a regular daily basis and a quick observation or response can be critical in ensuring a problem is spotted early or dealt with before it escalates.

The school has an on site counsellor who meets with pupils on the recommendation of this twice-weekly group. The task of assessing pupils of concern mainly comes from this group, although form tutors have an active role in securing the happiness of the child.

The school also has two emotional literacy support assistants who are qualified to help children overcome emotional barriers to learning and improve their feelings of well being.

Every year group from year 3 to 11 receives Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and this provides a vital foundation for the personal development of young people in preparing them for adult life. PSHE is important in combating social exclusion and disaffection and can equip young people with the skills and attitudes needed to react positively to the pressures of modern life.

Extract from Jan 2012 School Inspection Report (ISI)

'The quality of the pastoral care and the attention given to the welfare of pupils is excellent throughout the school. The caring and friendly environment is a major strength of the whole school.'