Physical Education

Our approach at the school is that sport and its benefits are for life and so our values are summarised by the acronym TREDS - teamwork, respect, enjoyment discipline and sportsmanship.  First and foremost, we strive to make sport a positive experience for everyone and we recognise that there will be a great range of ability and skill but that every child has potential and needs encouragement but also challenge. As a department, we also seek to develop links with local sports clubs in order to provide further opportunity and encouragement for those who wish to further advance their sports skills.

Teaching Staff

Justin Whitbread

Director of Sport

Sport can provide so many opportunities for the development of the whole child and we are very lucky at Ballard to have good facilities but also more importantly, a teaching staff that can share their passion for sport across all age groups and in a wide range of activities.  Our mantra is to balance participation and performance in order to give every child the opportunity to discover sport and how it can help them both physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives.

Years 3 - 5

The emphasis here is on learning the key skills and techniques of the core sports of hockey, netball, rugby, football, swimming, athletics and tennis and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn the basic techniques in these sports and can apply them in a team situation whilst having plenty of fun

Years 6 - 8

This is where we hone the skills learnt earlier on and can offer a higher level of competition and challenge.  However, we can also provide a wider range of sports and sports activity in this age group thus giving development opportunities for individual sports outside of the core sports.

Years 9 - 11

In the senior school we continue to provide opportunities for a wide range of sports but also encourage fitness and training at an age where sport can sometimes lose impetus.  For this age group, our developing club links are most important and we also see many pupils strive to win places in representative teams for district, county and at national level.  We also offer GCSE Physical Education where most students take the exam in Year 10.