Religious Studies

With its Christian foundation, the school aims to enable our pupils to develop a sound knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and its relevance in today’s world. We also aim to enable our pupils to develop knowledge and understanding of some of the major world religions.

Ballard School has a lively RS department, committed to the high achievement and well - being of our pupils. We want to prepare them for adulthood by providing many opportunities for pupils to reflect on spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues.  Pupils of all ages are encouraged to express their ideas and learn the importance of mutual respect and tolerance. This is essential as our pupils grow up in multi-cultural Britain.

The emphasis of the syllabus is on the Christian faith, but there is also ample time given to study other world faiths. Our younger pupils study the life of Jesus and simple aspects of Hinduism, Judaism, Sikhism and Islam. Our senior pupils continue with some of these topics in greater depth and detail.  There are also plenty of opportunities to discuss moral and social issues, such as racism and poverty in our world.

Those pupils who continue with RS at GCSE level study the following:

1. Christian beliefs, teachings and practices.

2. Jewish beliefs, teachings and practices.

3. Religious and ethical studies from the Christian and Jewish perspectives.