Scholarship & Bursaries

Ballard School offers scholarships to outstanding children across the range of educational opportunities available here and are open to pupils going into Years 7 and 9 in the next academic year. Assessments are held at the start of February ready for entry the following September.

Ballard may offer up to four major scholarships per academic year:

The Ballardian Scholarship    (Year 7 academic)
The Edinburian Scholarship   (Year 7 any discipline)
The Headmaster's Scholarship (Year 9 academic)
The Fernhillian Scholarship     (Year 9 any discipline)

Further awards of Exhibitions are available for excellence in academics, all round, art, dance, design and technology, drama, music, performing arts and sport.



Application forms for all scholarships and exhibitions can be obtained from:

Mrs Jenni Shaw
Headmaster’s PA
Ballard School
Fernhill Lane
New Milton
BH25 5SU

Tel: 01425 626900

References, school reports and appropriate evidence of ability will be taken into account when considering the award of Scholarships and Exhibitions.  Scholarship entries will only be accepted for external candidates who are registered to join Ballard and have paid the £100 registration fee.

For 2018 we may offer a limited number of awards for Scholarship entry, open to pupils in Year 2 for entry into Year 3, to the Lower Preparatory School.   Scholarships available are an ‘Academic Scholarship’ which may be awarded to outstanding academic candidates and an ‘All-Round Scholarship’ which may be awarded to candidates showing potential in two of the following; Art, Performing Arts or Sport.

Year 3 Scholarship entries will only be accepted for external candidates who have paid the £50 entry fee.


Monday, 19th February 2018

Friday, 9th March 2018

Monday, 19th March 2018


These may be awarded in addition to Scholarships.

Means tested bursaries are available and are reviewed annually. These are designed to help parents who need financial support. Bursaries are available for pupils from year 3 to year 11.

Please contact the Bursar's office for information.