Upper Prep

In Upper Prep, the aim is to combine the Ballard experience with the promotion and nurturing of academic potential in each pupil, whatever their level.  It is an approach that harnesses the innate ability of each individual, but which does not focus exclusively on the purely academic.


For entry in
September 2018

Our experience endorses the approach of an all-round stimulation that a wide range of activities provides. This will enhance overall academic performance in a way that will stand each pupil in good stead for the challenges that senior education present.  In addition to the core subjects, there is extensive coverage of other subject areas, such as modern foreign languages, design and technology, performing, expressive and visual arts, ICT and sport plus personal, social and health education.  A broad grounding in these subjects is important to help make an informed choice about the best future path.  A stepped increase in the amount of homework over this period prepares the pupils for the demands of the formal examinations that they will sit. Flagship examinations in Year 8 provide valuable experience and information on the best way forward.

Regular school productions and competitive matches and tournaments with other schools plus a wide range of extra curricular activities help to develop the experience while day trips and residential stays broaden the children’s horizons and extend their knowledge beyond the constraints of the curriculum.  Assemblies and form time are another feature of the Upper Prep experience and the small class sizes mean that the staff can genuinely engage with each child and understand his or her strengths.